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Educational resources

Novant Health Today's Woman OB/GYN & Pediatrics wants you to have the information you desire to make informed decisions about your health and the health of your children. The sites listed on this page are some of our favorite online resources for health information. If you do not see information you are seeking here, use our health library or ask anyone in our office so we can locate the resources you need.

In cooperation with Novant Health, our clinic is pleased to offer classes on the following topics:

  • Prenatal care
  • Nutrition and general health education
  • Birth control
  • Parenting

If you are interested in learning more or enrolling in a class, ask anyone in our office for more information.

We also offer complementary literature on the following topics:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Understanding and treating colic in your baby
  • Choking and CPR
  • Post-partum depression
  • Newborn and infant care
  • Poisoning prevention and emergency first aid
  • Childhood safety
  • Understanding ADHD

A function of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Office on Women's Health provides information about current health concerns facing women as well as common women's health topics.

KidsHealth is a website with sections for both children and parents. It offers resources to help you explain health issues to your children, and for your children to explore health topics on their own.

About Health offers detailed information about children's health issues as well as common concerns about development and child-rearing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is considered one of the most respected groups in the nation involved in children's health. The AAP website offers a news section that addresses current health concerns facing children.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is a great resource for pediatric health information. Research health topics or review the latest pediatric health research.



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